Rahil Patel

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World Trade Center light performance

Herro, again.

I’m Rahil.

And this is my website. It’s kinda like my bedroom: a mess, until reason arises. On this site you can see things I’ve done and things I’ve written.

Lifelong goals: to influence people to interact with people nearby, as opposed to media, as a way of gaining knowledge through experience, and to stop and remind people that a new, satisfying experience isn’t far.

Use new media in public spaces to encourage interaction and offer knowledge (sometimes through social criticism), for functional and artistic purposes.

Possible lifestyles:
1. Live in a developing area. Work at an empowerment organization. Use local materials and life for inspiration to create stuff (functional and artistic) while working.
2. Live in or near a post-modern city. Work at an urban planning and design related place, regular a community development place, and remember to take trips out of the city!

Want to join me? Holla at me at me@rahilpatel.com.

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