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I’m Rahil.

And this is my website. It’s kinda like my bedroom: a mess, until reason arises. On this site you can see things I’ve done and things I’ve written.

Lifelong Goals:
to influence people to interact with people nearby, as opposed to media, as a way of gaining knowledge through experience, and to stop and remind people that a new, satisfying experience isn’t far.

Use new media in public spaces to foster interaction in hopes of bringing awareness and creating dialog.

Possible lifestyles:
1. Live in a developing area. Work at an empowerment organization. Use local materials and local life for inspiration to create stuff (functional and artistic) while working.
2. Live in or near a post-modern city. Work toward creating a better city possibly with the aid of civic technology, and remember to take trips out of the city!
[ temporary past ideas:
– crowdsource city data for public use in the form of many many maps
– ask MIT media lab’s civic media research group for tools to use and help develop
– find a cheap apartment to live in, and use it as a public space. If not, hijack a public space for my own interests, which are likely for the public’s interest.
– foster sharing to gain materials for creativity
– document local lives and share using physical media
– document local materials and share using physical media
– make local public spaces more livable

Possible next moves:
*. Make money. :(
1. Find a space, make it public, do civil things with people, use hostel and street stall models for income.
2. Build a house in nature for myself, with very cheap land rent, to distance self from society’s problems. Use the experience to build minimalist shelters in the future (and maybe even minimalist gear).
3. Teach in the most progressive, lenient environment.
4. Learn everything there is about Taiwan by constantly traveling and talking to people. Also reading a history book or two about it. Could start Humans of Taiwan for this again, using it as a platform to create a reality for the nation.
*. Always think about design and technology and civic engagement and decision-making in general, to where it changes reality.

past interests: games, new media, public spaces, political art, realism art, cities, travel, societies, civil society

current interests: design and technology (civic-technology, educational technology), urban planning, philosophy (and cognitive science), anarchism?, Taiwan, human geography? (marxist geography?)

Want to join me? Holla at me at me@rahilpatel.com.

World Trade Center light performance

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