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Living on the Edge of Society Ethics

22 November 2014 by Rahil

>9/3/13 in Seoul
When I am alone, everything relies on me. This leads to a dangerous life. I need people for stability, but retain my unstable methods.

I read a bit of a tiny book on Descartes last night. He too created a philosophical doctirine out of nothing. He too spectated and then settled in a city with friendly people: Netherlands. One can’t get away from people. But one can choose not to interact with them, and instead, just spectate, as a way to form one’s own beliefs, without the opinion of others. Other people are death and life of creativity.

To create a set of unique beliefs one must observe reality, nothing else, for a long period of time. Despite it being the information age, travel and living is still the best method.

That is, until Google offers video footage of people walking in several parts of the world. Then one can have a Veidt style setup of a bunch of monitors playing the footage.

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A Tutor is the Best Education

22 November 2014 by Rahil

It would have just been easier if I had a great mentor to follow.

Alexander, Montaigne, Descartes, and Russell all had tutors. Aristotle is best. A doctor is good. But even grandmothers who sometimes read books and ask questions are equally good.

The organization of knowledge in the information age is more important than ever.

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22 November 2014 by Rahil

People say you have to like what you do. I think you should do. And you do it because thats what you want to do at that moment in time.
Ideal life: have girlfriend, move from country to country every few months, make art, repeat.
and the only way I'm satisfied is if I can pursue my interests and make a living.

I’m a thrill seeker. I need struggle. I need something to drive me. I need the city.

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